Yes, Our fonts also look badly spaced. It would be very nice to get this 
fixed. I have looked over the code but could not see anything wrong.

Under JDK 1.4 there is a big improvement. But still, the most obvious 
error's are the spacing between words.

Should I submit a test case .fo file?

Big reward to anyone who fixes this!! :)

At 03:12 PM 5/10/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi all!
>Now I've downloaded the sdk version 1.3.1_03 from sun but the result is the
>same like before.
>I've attached a screenshot to this mail.
>My workflow:
>I go to the Driver, set the Logger and my Renderer(extended from
>AWTRenderer), and call render(XMLReader,InputSource) on the Driver,
>After that I go to my Renderer and render each page in a loop and add the
>result within a JLabel to a JPanel, which is showing for the User.
>code piece:
>driver.render( parser, inputHandler.getInputSource() );
>for (int i = 0; i < renderer.getNumberOfPages(); i++)
>         renderer.render(i);
>         JLabel label = new JLabel( new ImageIcon(
>renderer.getLastRenderedPage() ) );
>         panel.add( label, new GridBagConstraints(0, i, 1, 1, 0.0, 0.0
>                 ,GridBagConstraints.WEST, GridBagConstraints.NONE, new 
> Insets(6, 6, 6,
>6), 0, 0));
>the result is below
>Can anyone help me or tell me my mistake?
>ThanX Torsten
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