At 05:15 PM 5/19/02, you wrote:
>There may be still an issue about the actual vertical
>position of an overline.

Yes, I expect so; since java.awt.Font contains no specification
for where to put the underline (as I pointed out in my code comments.)
Unfortunately my word processor doesn't know about overlines, so I
can't even suggest a precedent.

btw: On my wp, the top of a superscript appears to lie 1 or 2 graphics
units above the uppercase ascender; I guess I'd try putting the overline
a hair above that.

>And there are sporadic hiccups with the inline
>space text decorations which probably are a result of poor rounding.
>I haven't found out yet.

I don't doubt that - you might notice several places in AwtRenderer
(marked aml/rlc) where we tweaked the integer arithmetic slightly
to avoid such hiccups.

On the larger issue of printing, I've made no progress yet; am hoping
to get to it in a day or two;  btw: I noticed that in another post Peter is
testing expectations for 0.20.4 -- at the very least, when that starts
getting real, it will light a fire under me re printing.   ;-)

Thanks for your help.

         ' Best,
         -Ralph LaChance

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