I'm using fop v0.20.3, on WINNT 4.0 SP6, java v1.3.1 (required for the
project -> 1.4 not possible at this time)

Here are the results from command line awt rendering for java 1.3.1 and java
1.4 (looks better)

        cu Torsten (ThanX for replies)

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Trying to place your results on a JLabel rings a bell but I can't
recall why....

Could you try running the vanilla command-line fop  .... -awt and
see if you get better results ?

something like

java -cp <paths to xalan.jar xerces.jar batik.jar /fop.jar>
             -xsl <xslfile> -xml <xmlfile> -awt

Also, please give you fop version , os ? , the usual stuff

(hmmm, perhaps I'm showing my age in more ways than one; I cannot
recall if the current maintenance branch still has a command-line
Our production usage is based on fop 0.20.1)

         ' Best,
         -Ralph LaChance

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