Done! While applying your patch I thought I'd also start working on
overline and line-through support. I've added text decoration for inline
spaces, too. There may be still an issue about the actual vertical
position of an overline. And there are sporadic hiccups with the inline
space text decorations which probably are a result of poor rounding. I
haven't found out yet. Eager to hear your comments...

The graphics variable is now protected.

On 17.05.2002 14:08:15 Ralph LaChance wrote:
> At 04:13 AM 5/17/02, you wrote:
> >Can anyone make the 'graphic' variable protected, to enable sublasses to
> >draw on it?
> Makes sense to me; since I'm not a committer, it doesn't make much
> sense for me to make the change - perhaps whoever commits my new
> version of AWTRenderer.renderWordArea() would make that change too.
> (Christian or Arved have handled my previous suggestions.)

Jeremias Maerki

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