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Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 1:55 PM
Subject: Re: Current CVS version won't build

> On 26.11.2002 13:19:54 Thilo Schwidurski wrote:
> > The pathes look like this: "c:\[...]\xml-fop\.\hyph\cs.xml"
> > It would think it is the PatternParser that has a problem with the "\.\"
> > (perhaps only under Windows?)
> Well, that looks ok to me. The "." should not be a problem IMO. Have you
> been able to display the stacktrace of the HyphenationException that's
> happening in that method?

[serHyph] org.apache.fop.layout.hyphenation.HyphenationException: no
protocol: hyphenation.dtd

Would be good to know where the Parser searched for the hyphenation.dtd.
I just got the eclipse project setup right for debugging. I will dig down
deeper to find out whats happening.


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