Actually, the hyphenation stuff is the same for the maintenance branch
and the trunk and does not generate any error messages during build in
either codebase when done on the command line. It might of course be
that Thilo is on the wrong branch but he will experience this particular
problem anyway. But thanks for speaking up because that may help him to
reduce the time to track down the problem with unexpected output after
having solved the build problem in Eclipse. I've concentrated on the
build problem too much.

On 26.11.2002 15:42:09 Chris Bowditch wrote:
> Thilo, Jeremias,
> After reading Thilo's first message my understanding is that the reason for 
> getting unexpected output in the resulting PDF is that he checked out the 
> Trunk, and not the maintenance branch.
> Thilo, if you want to get 0.20.5cvs, then you need to check out using the 
> branch label fop-0_20_2-maintain. If you didnt use a label to check out the 
> source from CVS then you will have the Trunk code which is still under 
> development.
> I think the message about hypenation when building FOP is a red herring. I 
> also get that message when building but my output (for English anyway) is 
> fine.

Jeremias Maerki

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