Victor Mote wrote:
I don't think the LPPL works at all for us. The preamble says: "You may
distribute a complete, unmodified copy of The Program. Distribution of only
part of The Program is not allowed."
Well, as I already wrote in another post, it's not really
clear what "The Program" is in the context of the hyphenation
files. The case I examined had *only* the hyphenation file
in the directory the URL pointed to, with no visible affilations
to any other files from either the context nor the file itself
(did not mention " part of <The Program>" or something.
I concluded "The Program" is in this case the hyphenation file
Also I think the preamble refers to *unmodified* files. Derived
works seems not to be covered there.

The important part for us is that the LPPL is not viral, with
the exception of the filename prohibition. In particular it
allows distributing derived work (read: binary FOP distributions)
without the code.

BTW we should track down and delete all binary distribution
containing the compiled hyph file from the three GPL sources.
The source distributions are not an immediate risk and can be
kept. Who has access to the distro repository?


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