On Tue, Mar 18, 2003 at 05:30:47PM +1000, Peter B. West wrote:
> Victor,
> There's a slight problem here.  My files can only be built successfully 
> with a mod to forrest.build.xml that copies the contents of 
> resources/scripts into context.  If forrestbot is building off CVS with 
> a slightly elderly version (and I understand the current CVS is going to 
> be a little broken for a while) the file codedisplay.js will not be 
> picked up.
> I just took a look, and the .js files is not being picked up.

Instead of modifying Forrest, if you copy the *.js files from resources/*
to content/*, so you have:

[xml-fop ~/src/documentation/content]$ find . -name "codedisplay.js"

Then the scripts are copied across.

Then the only broken files are:

-> [broken page] pdf-security.html <- 
-> [broken page] dev/output.html <- 

> It *might* be OK provided the live site update doesn't prune redundant 
> files.

The Forrestbot publish script doesn't, mainly because I couldn't figure out a
safe way to do so.


> Peter

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