Peter B. West wrote:

> That should be, "...still has to be committed."  The 6-hourly script
> will presumably update from the website CVS.
> Peter B. West wrote:
> > Victor,
> >
> > I'll make and commit the changes that Jeff recommended.  We can
> then use
> > the bot output or out own forrest run to generate the site.  It still
> > has to be committed and the leve site updated by hand, as I understand
> > things.

My understanding is as follows:
1. The "refresh" button on the site will
take the contents at as input, and generate the
web site. That is what is displayed at
2. The "publish" button at seems to actually
update the directory, checking the
output from "refresh" into that repository. This is somewhat contrary to the
text that appears on
3. The 6-hour hourly script, as you say, will update the "live" web site.

This seems to be what is happening. The only thing that I don't understand
is that the timestamp on each page seems to correspond to the 6-hour update,
not to the actual time that the web site is generated.

This all works pretty well, except that, because the pdfs are binaries in
the repository, there is a linear increase in size for them instead of an
incremental increase. Someone will probably need to go through & obsolete
old versions of them to keep the repository from getting ever bigger.

If the above is incorrect, I hope that someone will post a correction. For
minor doc changes, it relieves one of the necessity of maintaining a local
forrest installation. For major jobs, we'll still want to have a local copy
for testing before committing changes and generating the site.

Victor Mote

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