Also, I have added a section down at the bottom of the hyphenation page
briefly explaining the contents of the patterns files. I would be very
grateful to have any on this list review its contents, but especially Joerg,
who has, IIRC, recently gained some expertise in this area. I am especially
concerned about whether I have the "before" and "after" attributes of
"hyphen-min" going the right direction. I'll check it myself later if I get
no responses. I have mild hopes that helping people create/modify these
files might give us some solutions to our licensing problems.

This version is unpublished, but can be viewed here: hyphenation.html#patterns

I've found a couple of items to comment on (surprise). But before I do, I must say that it is a *huge* improvement! GREAT WORK!

First, on the userconfig.xml front, I still feel more strongly a need to put an example of adding the hyphenation-dir. Adding an example should limit the need to go Something like:


Put the file into a directory of your choice and configure FOP to look for custom patterns in this directory, by setting the <hyphenation-dir> configuration option. For example, to add a hyphenation directory in the fop-0.20.5rc3a/conf/userconfig.xml file, remove the comment tags ("<!--" and "-->") and placing the path to your hyphenation directory between the <value> and </value> tags:


(NOTE: Don't forget to remove the comment tags "<!--" and "-->" to un-comment the hyphenation-dir lines!)

For more information see <a href="configuration.html#hyphenation-dir">FOP: Configuration:hyphenation-dir</a>.

Standardizing our system of referencing other sections will help improve readability, and navigation.

Place the FOP-compatible hyphenation pattern file into the directory {fop-dir}/src/hyph and rebuild FOP. The file will be picked up and added to fop.jar.

For more information see <a href="compiling.html">FOP: Building from Source Code</a>.
Also, should we add something to help indicate that the 'en' hyphenation code is an en_GB hyphenation file? I'm not suggesting we rename it as such (which I assume would break hyphenation for en if GB were not specified in the FO), but merely that we provide a note somewhere to this effect.

As for the conversion process, I was going to recommend that we add a portion of an example of a converted TeX file (before and after conversion), but I opened the 'en' & 'it' versions (from CVS) and was almost completely confused... hehehe... I guess it's based on some sort of regexp or some such... ah well...

Hope this helps...

BTW, I'd've contributed a patch, but I'm having a couple of issues:
1. The hyphenation.xml file is not in the xml-fop location I was expecting. I guess since' it's a new file it isn't there. One other problem could be that I'm looking in fop-0_20_2-maintain (hehehe...).
2. (probably more important!) I'm still having problems with my MacCVSX installation. I've got this weird double-menu bug which wreaks havoc with my ability to choose simple commands (like "Quit"!). I'm also having problems configuring my CVS so I can load different CVS repositories... I spent some time viewing the cvsgui mailing list archives, but have been unsuccessful so far. I'll keep looking.
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