FOP can definately do more than that. From your description it appears
to me that something goes really wrong with garbage collection at your

- Have you got relatively big images on your reports and are you using
  different URLs to the images for each rendering run (dynamic images)?
  That's where the last point under
  should help.

- Please check that you're properly dereferencing (or at least resetting) any
  FOP clases you use.

Maybe it's best if you described to us in a little more detail what kind
of documents you render and how you call FOP (maybe with code samples).
What you described simply can't be (from my experiences). You don't do
your runs at the same time, do you? I bet Jörg's table changes will
improve your situations but I believe there's some other problem around.

On 17.07.2003 06:22:57 ali farahani wrote:
> Here is what happens. I have closely watched the memory usage of FOP:
> I have a report with around 17 pages. One table with 12 columns. I use
> Velocity to put the data inside the FOP template. When it starts
> rendering the report (PDF or print preview) it consumes 50 MB. Second
> run another 50MB, third run another 50 MB , then with 256 MB RAM , when
> I go for forth run, CRASH BOOM BANG! Out of memeory exception.
> My users usually use the report during the day ( 7 hours) 10 to 20
> times. So even 512 MB RAM workstations get out of memory easily.
> Running it under another JVM is a good idea but as you know it is not
> feasible from performance point of view.

Jeremias Maerki

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