Glen Mazza wrote:

Two concerns on making this change in our production

1.) We do not have plans anytime soon for making a new
release of maintenance--so, if I made the change, the
new pdftranscoder.jar could be based only on a nightly
build--is that OK with you?

I think that would be fine.

2.) I checked out xml-batik and ran "ant dist-zip"--it
created many jar files, but no single batik.jar file
that FOP currently relies on:

How do I obtain a single batik.jar for me to compile
the changed application against?  What does an
official batik.jar include?

I don't know for certain but I suspect that this is all the classes from the source tree and files from the resource tree in batik (you could trim a little - get rid of interactive stuff but it would be small).

  Currently we always distribute the 'many' jar files
we provide a convenience batik.jar that just references
all the other jar files.

  The simplest way to get the jar would be to clean the
compile tree.  Run 'build compile' then jar classes and

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