Glen Mazza wrote:
Patch applied!  But please be careful to keep all
if-statements within braces--for the second patch, the
change at line 500 made the code look somewhat vague
as to your intentions (see below--I fixed it though).

Ahh yah, sorry for the confusion. You say you 'fixed it', you should not have moved the result stuff into the if.

(...previous { somewhere...)
if (alpha != 255) hasMask = true;
result[count++] = (byte)((val >> 16) & 0xFF);
result[count++] = (byte)((val >> 8) & 0xFF);
result[count++] = (byte)((val) & 0xFF);
--- Thomas DeWeese <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I've attached a
patch that fixes this for the PDFTextPainter.

   I also have attached a patch for PDFGraphics2D.
The patch has two parts - the first is the more
of the two.

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