--- Thomas DeWeese <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > 1.) We do not have plans anytime soon for making a
> new
> > release of maintenance--so, if I made the change,
> the
> > new pdftranscoder.jar could be based only on a
> nightly
> > build--is that OK with you?
>    I think that would be fine.

Changes have been made on maintenance (0.20.5) and
development (1.0) version.  I also updated the Batik
library to that of a nightly build.

I stand corrected--pdf transcoder.jar is actually
using our development (1.0) version--which is very
good news--you can checkout xml-fop and just run Ant
(default target) to get the pdftranscoder.jar.

We've had some moving around in the files recently--if
there's a problem with the pdftranscoder.jar, let us
know--we may need to update the build process in case
certain files have been left out.

> > How do I obtain a single batik.jar for me to
> compile
> > the changed application against?  What does an
> > official batik.jar include?
>    I don't know for certain but I suspect that this
> is all the classes from the source tree and files
> from
> the resource tree in batik (you could trim a little
> - get rid of interactive stuff but it would be
> small).

According to an email from Keiron in the fop-dev
archives, FOP relies on the "all-jar" target in your
build.xml.  I just sent you a patch (in Bugzilla) to
update the build.xml helptext to include a description
of that target.  (Saves confusion down the road...)


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