Glen Mazza wrote:


Personally speaking, I am much more amenable to adding
some complexity (LM Makers, for example, or opening up
our validation) if it helps out Finn's work, because
of the sheer weight of contributions he adds to Fop. (We slow him down, we slow down Fop.) Making these
changes for someone who isn't submitting
contributions, however, is less of a concern for me. If a user is going to propose a change that would slow
down system development, we should be getting some
work to compensate for it, at least during this time
while we are still building the system.

My inclination is to have him place this patch in
Bugzilla, and let's wait until we have others
requesting it (vs. those who would rather have LM's
pluggable.)  In the meantime, I think it would be best
for everyone to keep layout as simple as we can until
it is done.  I am open to others' opinions however.

I'm definitely in agreement with you on this one Glen. Lets keep Layout simple whilst its still unfinished. Pluggable LMs can be added once we have an initial release.


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