I'm definitely in agreement with you on this one Glen. Lets keep
Layout simple whilst its still unfinished.
Pluggable LMs can be added once we have an
initial release.


Well... (sigh)... well ('nutha sigh)

What *does* Finn think, in that case? So far, I've yet to hear a single
*solid* argument pleading against the proposed change. Of course, something
like LM Makers can be added later on --the proposed AreaFactory shouldn't
hinder that.

I got some minor suggestions to the patch:

- It should be strict typed: createBlock(..), createInline(..)
- It should be complete so that all area creation was done through the
  factory, not just the 3 areas that Tibor needs.

All we heard up to here is a few vague concerns about so-called increased
complexity. What?!? It's a plain, simple, basic-as-can-be Factory pattern
for chrissake! It doesn't bite... or does it? Anyone?

I've never bought the increased complexity argument. Not in this case and not in any of the previous cases where it was raised.


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