Ah, now I'm starting to see where this is going. I think this something
extremely difficult to do. To a certain degree it sounds like my
ideas/plans for the XML Graphics project, namely to separate certain
peripheral components (fonts, PDF lib, Graphics2D implementations etc.)
from FOP so efforts can be pooled between projects where easily possible
(i.e. without major religious wars). For example, Peter is quite
interested in the Graphics2D implementations. But going to a level of
detail you hint at (at least that's my impression) will prove really
difficult. You know I'm all for componentization, but you may have too
high hopes here. But I could be wrong. Don't spend too much time
explaining this to me. :-) We'll just see what happens. I will monitor
what's going on. So, we're still going in the same general direction
although I'm still a bit concerned that you based your PDF part on the
maintenance branch code (that's still the case, isn't it?).

Concerning the common end-user API, I'll publish my findings as soon as
they are somewhat "presentable".

Jeremias Maerki

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