Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:

All right, all right, maybe I'll just 'agree to disagree' in this case ;-) --mind you, *not* WRT to Exceptions, though... I declined to further the debate, but I'd much rather see GM read Sun's APIDoc for java.lang.Throwable --makes sense, no? Enough, maybe, to convince one that FOP has no business throwing an 'IllegalArgumentException' or a 'FileNotFoundException', no matter how well the name seems to fit the error... (esp. the first, since it subclasses RuntimeException = unchecked) [*]

On the topic of exceptions, and now that it's all over...

I was puzzled by this discussion. Would anyone expect that Defoe would subclass SAXException for document validation errors? If not (it doesn't), why not? And if someone was inclined to write an FO processor using a DOM front-end, would you expect validation errors to throw subclasses of SAXException? The same fo file, with the same errors, could be processed by three different processors, using three different parsing methodologies, and the same validation errors would encountered.

(OK, you can classify at least two categories of validation error, but I think the argument still applies.)

SAX != XML parsing, let alone document validation.


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