Finn Bock wrote:

> Do you mean that the 3 different processors should ideally 
> report the same validation errors in the same manner? That 
> can only happen after someone standardize a SAFO API (Simple 
> API for FO parsing). Until then all implementation will throw 
> different exceptions, which is fine by me.

I actually toyed with this idea about two weeks ago. IIRC, the SAFO name is
already taken, but at the time I registered the domain, and I
finally went ahead yesterday and opened up a SourceForge project for it.
There isn't much content there now, and I doubt that anyone wants to spend
much time on it ATM, but we have a place to talk about such things for those
who are interested -- I think Joerg at least will appreciate it being
somewhere else, and I know there are others who are not interested as well.
It deals with more than just parsing and exceptions, but those are (or could
be) parts of it. Here is the website:

If FOP is interested, you are welcome to send a delegate, who will
automatically become a committer. Also, Peter West is welcome to be a
committer -- if we can accommodate his design, we'll sure try. I'll
eventually invite the commercial developers too, if it looks like there is
anything here that helps.

Victor Mote

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