--- Finn Bock <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I only see a need for plugable LMs, but the
> AreaFactory patch is so 
> small that I see no problem with throwing a bone to
> Tibor.
> regards,
> finn

OK, that opinion was what I was trying to get at. 
Someone else to second Andreas' feelings on the issue.

Tibor, you may wish to try again with a Bugzilla patch
but incorporate Finn's two suggestions.  Also, you
were completely correct as to the purpose of
FOUserAgent, so if you can have the getAreaFactory()
implemented somewhere else outside of that class (LM
package, perhaps, or other places) that would a good
idea.  (FOUserAgent.*set*AreaFactory() is still fine.)

Please place it in Bugzilla, and we can have the rest
of the team comment on it.  I see nothing vetoable
myself, so it will be on how others feel.  No
guarantees, but hopefully another team member
(Andreas?) will apply it for you.  I, however, will be
taking myself out of this issue.

If however, you're really fine with just Pluggable
LM's, another option is to modify Finn's patch on the
It's a bit out of date due to other changes in the
code (namely, I moved layout code out of the former
AddLMVisitor and into new LM classes after this patch
was done.)  But that would also be helpful for others.


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