Finn, keep in mind--both you and Simon wanted
pluggable LM's, and you even supplied a patch for it a
few months ago. But you have been mostly silent on
the matter ever since (i.e., it looks like you don't
have a need for it ATM.)

Or perhaps I've been working on other things, like property optimizations and exceptions. And just maybe I didn't feel that I had to be the one who implemented plugable LMs since I wasn't the one who removed the existing plugability.

So sometimes it is good to
have things sit in Bugzilla for a couple of months,
see if others want it, or what modifications they
want, or see if even the original requestor still
needs it.

Also, Tybor seemed to be fine with using pluggable
LM's instead of pluggable Area's--i.e., not even
needing them *now*--which would make his desires in
sync with yours and Simon's (and mine), as well as
keep our layout code in our LM's instead of moving to
the Area objects.  Do you still see a need then for
*both* pluggable LM's and pluggable Areas in our code
then?  I didn't find that realistic, as I am uncertain
of the additional power that it offers, but am asking
your opinion here.

I only see a need for plugable LMs, but the AreaFactory patch is so small that I see no problem with throwing a bone to Tibor.


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