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While we're talking about volunteers, when the resolution passes we will
have some work to do, creating a charter, setting up a website for XML
Graphics which will link to the two existing websites under XML and a
few other things. I intent to do a good part of this but I hope I will
get some help.

I've placed a temporary xmlgraphics.apache.org site live on my homepage. Please take a look and provide feedback and comments:


A couple of things to note:
- this 'site' is only one page and links to current FOP & Batik sites
- breadcrumb is Javascript, based on path/to/dir/ so it looks funny
- I'm open to suggestions!

A couple of ideas for enhancement:
- tabs for Apache.org & xml.apache.org (others?)
- links page (although FOP & Batik probably have that covered)
- PMC page
- other xmlgraphics-related pages?

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