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Clay Leeds wrote:
I've attached a slightly (very rough!) modified version which gives an idea of what I think may work better. Namely, the paper is curled in a different direction, so the XML on the 'back side' is horizontal, making it more readable. Although it's not 'true' (i.e., the text would actually look more like yours), I think the readability outweighs the suspension of disbelief :-).

I'll try and work on it, but I'm awfully busy right now.

I don't see this as a showstopper, so take your time. We can always update the logo when we tire of the 'old' one. :-) In fact, we don't even have the domain stuff ironed out yet (although it's forthcoming).

Since you're using Illustrator for your version, I'm hoping you could make it even better using the source files. Still, I do like the batikBatik.png theme.
On a related note, I'm having trouble when I open batikBatik.svg[1]. The image is almost all on one layer (one of the leaves has handles and can be moved). Any ideas?

This is sort of the way the document is created. The fill is a rect that covers the canvas, and it is made to look like a leaf with a clip-path. Also there is some grouping going on so you need to ungroup to get to some stuff. My oldish version of Illustrator drops some of the fill content :/

My mistake. I figured it out. I clicked in the document window (selecting the entire graphic plus the leaf), and then looked for "Ungroup" in the Object menu, which was inactive/gray. However, I deselecting the graphic, and doing a Select-All. I needed to choose Select > Next Object Below.

Sorry for the 'waste' of time.

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