Clay Leeds wrote:

On Nov 8, 2004, at 5:51 AM, Thomas DeWeese wrote:

    As it currently is I actually prefer the 'non svg shapes'
version as the used shapes are rather simplistic (it makes it looks
like an 80's graphics package).

I agree wholeheartedly. My intent was to get the idea of pushing the graphics out there, but perhaps using gradient-filled shapes or something might be better (or better yet, perhaps I should just shrink the tiger...). This logo is actually my first *real* attempt at playing with SVG (I'd done some shapes before--which is why I added the shapes).

This is a lot easier to do with an appropriate tool like Adobe Illustrator, or perhaps SodiPodi, or Sketsa (I've only really used Illustrator).

   Now for a few suggestions:

    I have seen some of the Apache projects that left justify
the text and move the feather up next to the 'The Apache'. This
would work well for us since 'XML Graphics Project' is quite a
bit longer.

Sounds good. If I can find the time this week, I'll play around with it.

See attached example. It's not great, the xml on the page isn't _quite_ large enough I don't think (for a 52 pixel rendering). Also the radial gradient is a cheap way to keep the rest of the logo from looking too plain. It would be better to have something like a floorplan or chart or Illuminated text softly in the background.

That's doable. I don't know if the squiggles are well commented in those .svg files, but if they are they should be easy to add. If not, could you or someone familiar with these attach the <svg/> for it to a JIRA/bugzilla issue?

The squiggle is a 'symbol' from batikLogo.svg. It should be trivial to pull out.

I don't know if FOP has a
similar readily available icon you could use.

This is about all we have:

Very good, but not quite Iconic, although I really like the idea of using the Apache feather as a 'quill'. :)

I like the idea of the separate icon for XML Graphics, because I envision other projects joining in.

Yes, this is the main problem with the 'icons' logo it doesn't really 'unite' the projects. It actually tends to emphasize there independence.

I would guess that given your background in Batik, you might have more 'dexterity' in creating SVG than I. If you (or anyone else reading) has the time (I know, who has that?) I'd love to see what other folks can come up with.

For 'artsy' stuff you really can't hand code SVG you have to use a tool. But it helps to know SVG to trim and combine the 'artsy' elements into a compact logo.

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