Hi Guys,

   Well, I must admit to not being really excited by the new logo.
Not to hurt people's feelings, note that it is good, but I think it
could be better.  None of these are really strong held but are my

        As it currently is I actually prefer the 'non svg shapes'
version as the used shapes are rather simplistic (it makes it looks
like an 80's graphics package).

        The text is a bit hard to read over the Apache feather.  I
know that you added the white surround and it helps but the letters
still 'disappear' into the noise of the feather more than I would

   Now for a few suggestions:

        I have seen some of the Apache projects that left justify
the text and move the feather up next to the 'The Apache'. This
would work well for us since 'XML Graphics Project' is quite a
bit longer.

        The URL in the corner is the old xml.apache.org URL, it
should of course be xmlgraphics.apache.org (Ideally I'd like
to turn this 90deg and have it run vertically, but it's too long
to be readable when this is done).

        If we want to have 'svg' in the logo I would look at the
samples directory of Batik[1] and pull out some of those.  The one's
that come to mind would be either of the map images (mapSpain,
mapWaadt - which could be used pretty much 'as is') or perhaps
grab elements from sunRise (although that is a little 'eclipse' like).

        My actual preference would be to include 'icons' from the sub
projects in the new logo.  For Batik this is simple since we already
use the 'squiggle' heavily for this purpose (this is the
red/green/blue mark in a bunch of places).  I don't know if FOP has a
similar readily available icon you could use.  I would picture these
icons 'looped' together in a clear area on the right side (think
of an infinity sign with the batik logo on one side and Fop on the
other).  As more projects join we can add icons for them to the
looping.  Alternately we could come up with a new icon just for
XML Graphics (a complex 'document' with the corner turned and
on the back is XML - might be hard to pull off in a ~51px square)

[1] http://cvs.apache.org/viewcvs.cgi/xml-batik/test-references/samples/

Glen Mazza wrote:

Very nice--I like the xmlgraphics logo, and the layout of the text is well done. I think in general having fewer pages but of higher quality is preferable.

Clay Leeds wrote:

On Oct 9, 2004, at 1:30 AM, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
<snip what=wiki-stuff>

While we're talking about volunteers, when the resolution passes we will
have some work to do, creating a charter, setting up a website for XML
Graphics which will link to the two existing websites under XML and a
few other things. I intent to do a good part of this but I hope I will
get some help.

I've placed a temporary xmlgraphics.apache.org site live on my homepage. Please take a look and provide feedback and comments:


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