Jeremias Maerki wrote: 

> If you look at my initial post for the vote you'll see my 
> main reasons for getting this started. If we want to be clean 

I had.

> about following ASF policy then we would have had to invest 
> more time sorting out the problems. I think the patterns that 
> remained until the end were not tainted as such. They are 
> merely derived works from other people from which we would 
> need grants to be on the safe side as far as ASF licensing 
> policy is concerned. So in this light it was a blanket 
> decision to get out of the hyphenation pattern business. If 
> someone starts creating hypenation patterns under a BSD or 
> Apache license that would be great, of course.

OK. Thanks. I think we'll leave the existing patterns intact until we learn
of problems, but start building new ones that have a more clear heritage.
The only way I see to do this right is to start word lists, let users
contribute to them (in small quantities at a time), and build the
hyphenation patterns ourselves. Joerg, do you still have the Java patgen
port mentioned here?:
And do you have any interest in contributing it? I did not find it here:

The other issue is where this stuff should be hosted. IMO it is bigger than
FOray. If it fits with OFFO, that is fine, but I am under the impression
that it probably doesn't because OFFO is, by definition, using the "other"
licenses. It fits into aXSL's mission reasonably well, and, unless someone
has a better idea, I'll set up something there to get this jump-started.

Victor Mote

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