On 02.09.2005 16:22:02 Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki a écrit :
> > The real problem IMO is probably block-level content in fo:inlines again.
> > How are these borders to be painted? A border around each
> > inlineblockparent (one for each block inside the inline)? I'm not sure
> > judging from the specification.
> Here the spec starts being really complicated. I would say you're right, 
> thought 
> not sure. See the last sentence of § 4.2.2: "Unless otherwise specified, the 
> traits of a formatting object are present on each of its generated areas, and 
> with the same value. (However, see sections [4.7.2 Line-building] and [4.9.4 
> Border, Padding, and Background].)". The referred sections don't seem to hold 
> for the fo:inline case.

You mean the two references to 4.7.2 and 4.9.4, right? I agree.

> What disturbs me is that when one specifies a border around a chunk of text 
> and 
> there is line-breaking, this border should appear and the end of the first 
> line 
> and the beginning of second line, as below:
>               ________________
>    This is a | chunk of text |
>              -----------------
>     ______________
>    | with border | blah blah
>    ---------------
>    blah blah
> What is more intuitive and could be expected by a user is the following:
>               ______________
>    This is a | chunk of text
>              ---------------
>    _____________
>    with border | blah blah
>    -------------
>    blah blah
> but IIUC this is not allowed by the spec. I ask for confirmation here.

I would agree that this is not allowed by the spec. The traits are the
same for all areas. There don't seem to be any exceptions. Actually, I'm
glad there aren't that would complicate things even more. :-) But maybe
someone who thinks this would be an important feature could probably
write an extension for that. :-)

> So the example you provided with the 2 <fo:block>blah blah</fo:block> is 
> rendered correctly in terms of borders (but there should be no space between 
> them, probably part of the rendering problem you raised).


Jeremias Maerki

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