Good stuff! Big thanks to Pete, Joe and Manuel for your work on the AFP
Renderer and for enduring the ASF bureaucracy.

Some initial comments on the code:
- I've already mentioned the tab characters to Manuel. He's looking into
them shortly.
- We should change the namespace declaration in AFPExtensionMapping to
match the pattern we started with ExtensionElementMapping and
PSExtensionElementMapping, i.e. 
http://org.apache.fop/extensions/afp -->
- I think the META-INF entry for the above ExtensionMapping is missing.
- We now have two SVGConverter classes (RTF and AFP). Furthermore, I
have similar functionality in PCLSVGHandler. Maybe this can be
consolidated a little.
- I may look into creating a Graphics2DAdapter for AFP as I have done
for PCL. That enables to bypass SVG/Batik for FOP extensions which
support painting to Java2D directly. It may even be possible to change
the PCLSVGHandler in a way that it can serve as base class for other
SVGHandlers which convert SVG into bitmaps (obviously after a

On 27.04.2006 17:15:30 Manuel Mall wrote:
> I just committed the first version of the AFP Renderer to the Sandbox.
> This was pending for some time and after the IP clearance process has 
> now been completed the renderer can finally be put into the Apache 
> repository.
> I hope it all compiles / builds correctly and no files have been missed. 
> Please flag any problems on this list.
> To be able for users to use the renderer properly some documentation has 
> to be added to our web site as especially the font configuration is 
> fairly special. I'll hopefully get around to do that in the next few 
> days.
> Manuel

Jeremias Maerki

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