On Sunday 18 June 2006 18:53, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> I just realized we should think about the right moment to release
> 1.0. I guess the number of fixed bugs would suggest a new release
> rather sooner than later. I originally thought about going for an
> ApacheCon release but I didn't have enough time. Now, Vincent is
> working on floats and the requirement for changing IPD between pages
> gets more important (see fop-users and one of my clients would like
> to see an increase in priority). However, both points may have a
> serious impact on the layout engine especially since both feature
> have a certain conflict potential for the page breaking approach.
> Manuel and I have chatted over Skype about this and Manuel will also
> look a little deeper into the issue. I suspect both items will
> require substantial changes in the layout engine which are probably
> better done after the next release (or on a separate branch). I think
> it would be good to do the 1.0 release some time in July, if
> possible.

Calling a release 1.0 is IMO quite a significant step which shouldn't 
been taken lightly. What we are saying in doing so is: Here is 
something we believe is ready for production use.

So from my perspective we need to answer two questions in the positive:

A) Does this version of FOP deliver a sufficient degree of compliance to 
the XSL-FO spec to be considered ready for production use?

B) Does it deliver those features with the required level of quality 
expected from an ASF product?

How can we answer those questions? 

For A) IMO it is easy. The old FOP version (0.20.5) is used in many 
production environments. If we meet or exceed compliance compared to 
0.20.5 I would give A) a tick. However, ATM we are still behind 0.20.5 
in some areas although well ahead in many others.

Judging the quality of the FOP trunk code base is much harder. For 
example, we still get reports of NPEs and AIOOBs. We don't know how it 
will perform when asked to render 1000's of documents a day. We don't 
know if there are any memory leaks. We don't know if its thread 

Of course one can argue that until we release a 1.0 users won't use FOP 
trunk in production environments and we won't find out about any of 
those possible deficiencies until they do.

So, it is an interesting balancing act. At this point I am undecided 
(and my vote would be informal any way as only PMC members have binding 

> Jeremias Maerki


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