On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 11:18:22PM +0300, Andrejus Chaliapinas wrote:
> But that still doesn't answer the question - if there are some Knuth
> elements constructed - what is the best way to debug current Area Tree,
> which contains them? And if there any mechanism to protect particular Area
> Tree leafes (or graphs/branches) from additional restructure. Sorry if it's
> out of context, i.e. we should never bother with such kind of protection
> cause Knuth elements are pushed there during their processing.

If you want to study the area tree that is created, use the area tree
output, command line option -at outfile: representation of area tree
as XML (outfile req'd).

Protecting the area tree or parts thereof is not relevant. The area
tree is only constructed once.

First the FO tree is constructed. Then the tree of LayoutManagers is
constructed. These construct the Knuth elements. Then the Line or Page
Breaker does its work. Then the LMs resume and construct the areas,
according to the line and page breaking results and according to the
content of their FOs, for which the Knuth elements contain
pointers. The PageSequenceLM directs the page layout process, the
LineLMs direct the paragraph layout process. The latter also happens
in the table cells. I believe the TableLM directs the whole layout
process of a table. This is where you want to enable auto table
layout. But I am not aware of all details of table layout.  I hope
other FOP developers are able to help you.

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