> I do not really know why Patrick created a second TableContentLM. His
> procedure constructs the Knuth elements twice. I suppose that he
> feared that this would have side effects, and that he tried to avoid
> those by doing the first evaluation in another TableContentLM.

But that still doesn't answer the question - if there are some Knuth
elements constructed - what is the best way to debug current Area Tree,
which contains them? And if there any mechanism to protect particular Area
Tree leafes (or graphs/branches) from additional restructure. Sorry if it's
out of context, i.e. we should never bother with such kind of protection
cause Knuth elements are pushed there during their processing.

> No UML diagrams for FOP available. Would be nice though.

Well, maybe one day if I'll become familiar enough with whole project I'll
produce one. Probably first it would be just good to have such sequence
described by words, but in FOP Design: Layout document it talks only about
separate LMs, so whole picture is missing.


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