Jeremias Maerki wrote:
You're welcome to help, especially since we don't know much about Maven.
It's not only FOP that has to be deployed to the Maven repository but
also XML Graphics Commons which FOP depends on. For that, I've already
started some work on its build.xml [1] so that we can generate an upload
bundle as described in [2]. I've also started a POM [3] for it. If that
looks good to you, the same pattern could be applied to FOP, too.

Thanks for the pointers. The stuff you've started for xmlgraphics-commons looks good, so I'll start from there.

I didn't finish all that since I didn't have much time and don't work
with Maven so my motivation was a little small. So please see what you
can use and send us a patch for the rest.

At one point I got confused: There was [2] which looks pretty
straight-forward, but then I found [4] which I really can't make head or
tail of especially in relation to [2]. If you can clear that up, that
would probably help us. I mean if you can help us do this right, maybe
we can do the whole thing ourselves next time.

Yes unfortunately the [4] document is not at all clear. From what I understand, the procedure at [2] is the basic one for normal open source projects. However the ASF has a special rsync system set up so that ASF projects can simply place their artifacts in the rsync sructure and it will get pushed to Maven Central without having to go through the normal submission process. That is what [4] refers to, and probably what you'll want to end up doing just to make things easier.

Thanks, Jason!


On 21.01.2007 17:24:39 Jason Johnston wrote:
Hello FOP devs--

Over at the Cocoon project we've got a "fop-ng" module that uses the new FOP 0.9x series to serialize XSL-FO to various output formats. However, since our switch to using Maven2 as build system, this module has had to be excluded from the build due to the fact that FOP 0.9x artifacts do not appear in any public Maven repository (that we can find).

I see that there was a recent mention[1] about publishing 0.93 to the central Maven repository. Has there been any action on that? I am willing to do the legwork to put together a POM and submit the bundle to the maven upload queue, but I don't want to step on any toes.



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