On Mon, Jan 22, 2007 at 06:40:03PM -0700, Jason Johnston wrote:
> Simon Pepping wrote:
> >Users would like to use a meaningful fop-hyph.jar in order to get
> >hyphenation for a number of languages. You can use fop-hyph.jar from
> >the Offo project,
> >http://downloads.sourceforge.net/offo/offo-hyphenation-fop-stable.zip?modtime=1168687293&big_mirror=0.
> >I do not know how this should be deployed in a Maven repository.
> How do the hyph/*.hyp definitions within the JAR get read... is just 
> having them in the classpath enough or is there something special about 
> the file being named fop-hyph.jar?

hyph/*.hyp definitions in the classpath.

> If just being in the classpath is enough, then Offo could publish its 
> hyph JAR as a Maven artifact under its own Group ID, and users could 
> just declare a dependency on that artifact.  I think that's out of the 
> scope of the work I'm doing here though. ;-)  I'm willing to give advice 
> if someone else wants to take that on.

I will leave that to members of the FOP community who use Maven.

Regards, Simon

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