Jeremias Maerki wrote:
Dear Maven-users,

I've had enough. I've lost enough time on something I don't need.

I'm sorry for your frustration, and want you to know that I greatly appreciate the work you've put in. I'm sure many others do as well. So thank you!

I've prepared Maven bundles as per and tried
to submit them. Carlos closes those requests [1][2] with a pointer to
the ASF's repository FAQ. I guess that's fine for projects using Maven.
We are not.
At any rate, it looks like the layout of the staging
directory is totally different to what I prepared in the bundle. So I'd
have to start all over and have to adjust the build scripts again. I
have no time for that.

You have the bundles. Do with them as you please. If anyone wants to
send patches to Batik, FOP and XML Graphics Commons for producing Maven
artifacts, feel welcome to do so.

I'll take a crack at it.  It doesn't look like it's very far off.


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