ok. I've deployed the artifacts from the -jdk1.4 binary release, and
provided instructions at:

The directory there is synched with the main maven repository, so the
artifacts should show up within the next 24 hrs.

Letting the maven deploy plugin create the correct directory structure
and needed files is MUCH easier than trying to do this yourself in ant.
I would therefore recommend the use of maven to deploy the maven

For the -jdk1.3 versions, i propose to add -jdk13 to the version, e.g.


and respective for fop. 


On Don, 2007-12-06 at 10:29 +1100, Cameron McCormack wrote:
> Hi Max.
> Max Berger:
> > actually, this could be a very fun experiment to see if my new fop
> > account is working. It should (theoretically) give me access to the
> > server mentioned in the howto. So yes, I am
> > volunteering to do it. (And provide a how-to afterwards)
> Great!  Since we’re not using maven for building, do you want to have a
> go at modifying fop’s and commons’ maven-artifacts ant build target to
> generate the right files?
> > There is no particular reason why I mixed the two compiled versions
> > other than pure coincidence. Would it be reasonable to upload the 1.4
> > artifacts only? Or should the 1.3 jars should also be uploaded (probly
> > with something like -1.3 in the name)?
> I’m no maven when it comes to maven, so I’m not sure how different Java
> versions are catered for in the repository.  I’ve asked on repository@
> but no reply yet:

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