I need to be able to use some fonts other than the Base 14 in the PDF's I generate.

I have created some font metrics files with TTFReader and in the configuration file I specify the font metrics files and the font triplets.

If I specify an "embed-url" with the path of the font ttf file, this seems to work. But I don't want to have to embed the fonts in the PDF file because they are already installed on my Mac OS X system. I just want to reference those fonts in the PDF file.

Since I have supplied FOP with the font metrics and the font triplets, I would expect that FOP has everything it needs to use those fonts in the PDF.

But without embedding the font, I get the severe exception, cannot load font, and no PDF output.

This is with FOP 0.93 and I understand there may be some known problems in this area. Can anyone tell me more?

Loran Kary

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