Perhaps I am posting this question on the wrong list or perhaps my question has been asked and answered before.

But to state my question again, why is it not sufficient to supply FOP with a font metrics file and the font triplets in the configuration file? Why does it seem that FOP needs to be able to open and load the font file itself? Is that the intended behavior or is it a problem that could potentially be addressed? Is there something I could be doing that would make FOP work with fonts other than the Base14 and without embedding the font? OK, that's more than one question.

Loran Kary

On Jul 6, 2007, at 5:22 PM, Loran Kary wrote:

I need to be able to use some fonts other than the Base 14 in the PDF's I generate.

I have created some font metrics files with TTFReader and in the configuration file I specify the font metrics files and the font triplets.

If I specify an "embed-url" with the path of the font ttf file, this seems to work. But I don't want to have to embed the fonts in the PDF file because they are already installed on my Mac OS X system. I just want to reference those fonts in the PDF file.

Since I have supplied FOP with the font metrics and the font triplets, I would expect that FOP has everything it needs to use those fonts in the PDF.

But without embedding the font, I get the severe exception, cannot load font, and no PDF output.

This is with FOP 0.93 and I understand there may be some known problems in this area. Can anyone tell me more?

Loran Kary

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