On 7/29/07, Andreas L Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Jul 27, 2007, at 18:36, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:
> >> it would be good to refactor
> >> the website before the release and, in particular, remove the 0.20.5
> >> tab.
> This could maybe still be done before the release, but I started
> wondering...
> >> I'd like to call for help on this, as this is not a small task.
> >> I'll try to do as much as possible on the WE, but that would be
> >> great if
> >> we could share the work. Any volunteers?
> >> Some tasks I can think of right now:
> >> - update the introduction page (latest stable release, version of the
> >>   recommendation implemented...)
> >> - add a small news section on the home page? this would make the site
> >>   look more live. It could simply list the latest versions released.
> >> - correct/update/simplify other pages
> Wouldn't it be better, FTM, to focus on making the site 0.94-ready,
> and do any serious restyling afterwards? It's just that a release by
> itself already takes some work and preparation... Just a thought.

I'll spend some time looking into what it'll take to refactor,
although I agree with Andreas that it would be better to focus on
getting 0.94 ready and do any necessary 'purging' of fop-0.20.5 after
that, if that's what's deemed best.

I'm not actually convinced eradicating it from the FOP site is the
best route, as there will be some who can't upgrade (namely users of
AIX 4.1 and/or others who can't upgrade to a Java Run-time Environment
newer than 1.3)... I would think the fop-0.20.5 information should
remain accessible somewhere other than on <http://archive.org/>. The
good part is, that the content will likely never change and would
exist on a separate TAB, out of the way. That's not to say I'm firmly
in the trench of keeping the content, but I don't see how it'd hurt to
retain it.


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