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> Thanks Chris! I'll look into what I can to help re-factor the site to
> remove the 0.20.5 references. I agree, that with 0.93 & 0.94, the 0.20
> branch information is no longer necessary.

I was able to factor out the 0.20.5 stuff but there are a couple of
relatively minor issues:

1. I am planning to remove 0.93, but want to confirm this should be
removed so we have only 0.94 and trunk ( as well as Trunk, etc.)
2. To create the '0.94' section, I copied the 'Trunk' area, but there
are numerous areas in the documentation which are likely outdated.
Should I commit my changes and let others adjust the documentation to
reflect the recent changes to the code?
3. There are a few places where a 'date' will be required to identify
when 0.94 is released, but I'm not sure what that date is yet.

It didn't take too much to re-factor the site... Just had to adjust
the tabs.xml and site.xml documents (and remove the 0.20.5 documents).
I'll need to do a `svn delete` for the 0.20.5/ and 0.93/ directories,
so let me know if I should do that NOW, or we need to wait until we're
more ready for the release.

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