On 8/2/07, Vincent Hennebert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> Strangely enough when I run Forrest on my local copy I get different
> >> (smaller) font sizes than on the website for all the other elements but
> >> the main text (without the above change). The screen.css style sheets
> >> are exactly the same though. I wonder what might be happening?
> >
> > Can you upload the `forrest` output to your web space, so we can take
> > a look? Here's the result of mine from last night (without the
> > #content changes):
> >
> > http://people.apache.org/~clay/fop-0.94/
> Here it is:
> http://people.apache.org/~vhennebert/fop-0.94/

The content appears to be *exactly* the same size, but the font-size
for the tabs appears to be smaller in our versions.

> <snip/>
> > I wonder if it has to do with your browser setup (what are you
> > using--browser/version, OS/version w service packs, build etc.)? Have
> > you tried on another machine? Maybe Forrest needs to have a support
> > ticket put in about the font resize buttons (and if you prefer the
> > font-size as well).
> Firefox
> Ubuntu Feisty
> Revision 556027 of Forrest 0.7 but no CSS file got modified when
> I updated my copy (only Java code).
> I think I'm becoming crazy. On your version the main text is smaller
> than on mine (without applying the CSS change), which now has normal
> size. For all other text objects (menu, etc.), sizes are the same.

If I were feeling 'feisty' I might say something pithy, like 'You
probably are going crazy...' but I'm not so I'll tell you that the
reason our sites didn't have the font-size adjust buttons was because
they weren't enabled in 'src/documentation/skinconf.xml'. I just
enabled it, as well as:
- compliance links (shows HTML & CSS compliance badges)
- external-link-image (indicates off-site links with mini-image icon)
- and XML file availability (enables re-purposing of content via XML)

> Trying with Konqueror the main text is larger on my version, but also
> the tab titles (Home, Version 0.93, etc.).
> I have no font-size button on any version, with any browser. Note that
> I have them on the XML Graphics site.

Mentioning that it was on the XML Graphics site gave me the clue it
was a preference setting.

> !?!??
> Thanks for looking into this,
> Vincent

Glad I could help... It's been a while since I've delved into Forrest.
In fact, they just released Forrest 0.8, so someone may want to look
into identifying if there's a compelling reason to 'upgrade'. ;-)


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