Hi Clay,

Thanks for chiming in!

It seems we are somewhat duplicating our efforts here. I already removed
the 0.20.5 tab and added a new one for 0.94. Look at the 0.94 branch of
the svn repository. I prefer to work in the branch so that the trunk
stil reflects the current site, and we can re-generate it if ever
(More below.)

The Web Maestro a écrit :
> On 7/30/07, The Web Maestro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Thanks Chris! I'll look into what I can to help re-factor the site to
>> remove the 0.20.5 references. I agree, that with 0.93 & 0.94, the 0.20
>> branch information is no longer necessary.
> I was able to factor out the 0.20.5 stuff but there are a couple of
> relatively minor issues:
> 1. I am planning to remove 0.93, but want to confirm this should be
> removed so we have only 0.94 and trunk ( as well as Trunk, etc.)

No, I think the 0.93 section should remain, for those who don’t want to
immediately upgrade. There will be slight config changes between the two
versions so it’s best that each one have its dedicated tab.

> 2. To create the '0.94' section, I copied the 'Trunk' area, but there

So did I, which is an indication to me that that was the way to do ;-)

> are numerous areas in the documentation which are likely outdated.
> Should I commit my changes and let others adjust the documentation to
> reflect the recent changes to the code?

Yes, I thought of that afterwards. It may make sense to update the
content /before/ creating the 0.94 tab, in order to avoid duplicating
changes or managing svn merges. I’ve already updated most of the Home
tab and I’ll try to work on the Trunk one ASAP.

> 3. There are a few places where a 'date' will be required to identify
> when 0.94 is released, but I'm not sure what that date is yet.

The best IMO is to put an “XX August 20007” everywhere and replace the
“XX” with the actual date once it is known. That is, once the vote is
done, when I upload the artifacts, I’ll do the change and update the
website in the same time.

> It didn't take too much to re-factor the site... Just had to adjust
> the tabs.xml and site.xml documents (and remove the 0.20.5 documents).
> I'll need to do a `svn delete` for the 0.20.5/ and 0.93/ directories,
> so let me know if I should do that NOW, or we need to wait until we're
> more ready for the release.

As I said I already did it, but if you wanna double-check all the
better. Also, one thing that would be great if you could have a look at,
is improving the stylesheet a bit. For example the main content is set
to be displayed at 80% of its size. That should really not be the case
as the setting for the main text’s size should be left to the user’s
choice (I’m ok with reducing the size of e.g. the menu, however). I’m
not really sure where to change that as the CSS stylesheets seem to
directly come from the Forrest distribution.


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