Jeremias Maerki a écrit :
> Such a move would have to be well-documented because some people could
> (or probably will anyway) be upset when they upgrade and RTF just stops
> working until they add fop-sandbox.jar. I'm sure there are a lot of
> people perfectly happy with what the RTF handler produces.
> I'm not against moving it to the sandbox but I think I'd prefer just
> making the status of the various output formats much more prominent.

Well, I wasn’t meaning that the RTF renderer would be removed from the
Trunk. I just wanted to add some kind of note on the website that RTF is
less supported than other formats (just like txt, after all). Moving it
to the sandbox might be an idea, but if you’re planning on restart
working on it I think we may just leave it as is.

So I’ll stick to rephrasing the website a bit.


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