Mark C. Allman schrieb:
Drop RTF with nothing to replace it, e.g., ODF?  I'd rather not.

Swap out RTF with, say, ODF?  Sounds great to me.

I'd even volunteer some time to help with development.  I seem to
remember something about Java.... ;-]

I started a ODF handler / ODF FO Eventhandler implementation by copying the
render/rtf source tree to a render/odf tree (using eclipse) and did adjusted the import statements and did some renaming. I added a new mimetype to the MimeConstants and added the necessary code to the cli.CommandLineOptions and finaly replaced the rtf-mimetypes with the new odf-mimetype in the ODFFOEventHandlerMaker. I inserted in and a correspondig line for odf whereever I found rtf. But after all the RendererFactory does not find the ODFFOEventHandlerMaker so I want to ask if it must be registered in some way or what I have missed.

For now I hardcoded the maker to the discoverFOEventHandlers() method but I think this is not the way to do it ;-))


O(ettl) GER(hard)

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