Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> Such a move would have to be well-documented because some people could 
> (or probably will anyway) be upset when they upgrade and RTF just stops
> working until they add fop-sandbox.jar. I'm sure there are a lot of
> people perfectly happy with what the RTF handler produces.
Sorry for being silent all the time after big words 'bout RTF-improvement of 
mine. Dropping: Bad, Micros~1-Office components aren't dropped even they don't 
work ;-) Right now I'm really busy with own projects but months ago I started 
to write a small document 'bout FOP-RTF-problems and sollutions. I'd like to 
return to this and give RTF a bit a push. I personally rely on RTF export and 
do it a lot including post-processing with Perl-Regex to get rid off some eeky 

Why not just adding OpenDocument and leave RTF the way it is...?

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