Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> I think we should start to plan the next release. How about targeting
> the end of February or beginning of March?

Seems good.

> Without much thinking, the following items are on the table:
> - Stabilizing tables.
> - Stabilizing the image package once I've merged the brach into trunk.
> - Verifying the AFP output works correctly.
> What else?

Refactoring the website? I’ve already been told several times that it 
was difficult to find its way on it. Last time I mainly rephrased a few 
sentences and removed broken links, but didn’t do much more. And 
I didn’t even touch the ‘Development’ tab which is progressively 
becoming out-of-date.

Should I add that this is not a trivial task and that I’ll have no time 
for that in the next couple of months? :-P

I was also thinking about making this a beta release. With the major 
changes that we made we can’t be sure that no regression has been 
introduced as well. The 0.94 release taught me that even if many bugs 
were fixed, users will stumble upon regressions and (rightly) complain 
about them.

So, what about a 0.95 beta?


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