On Jan 12, 2008 8:42 AM, The Web Maestro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Jan 11, 2008 2:28 AM, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> > Refactoring the website? I've already been told several times that it
> > was difficult to find its way on it. Last time I mainly rephrased a few
> > sentences and removed broken links, but didn't do much more. And
> > I didn't even touch the 'Development' tab which is progressively
> > becoming out-of-date.
> >
> > Should I add that this is not a trivial task and that I'll have no time
> > for that in the next couple of months? :-P
> I'd be happy to help with the web site. It's not perfectly clear to me
> what else it needs, but I have some ideas. In a nutshell, 'Home'
> should include 'user' related general stuff (all the stuff it has,
> plus using FOP, upgrading, running, etc.--all the content from Version
> 0.94). The Develop should contain all that it has, plus any 'FOP
> Trunk' specific stuff. I don't what that is ATM... on first glance the
> nav for 'Version 0.94' and 'FOP Trunk' are identical nav (except
> V-0.94 has Release Notes, Changes & Known Issues).
> I imagine a good start would be to remove all tabs except for 'Home'
> and 'Development'
> - 'Version 0.93' just goes away
> - 'Version Trunk' content moves to 'Home'
> - I think 'FOP 0.94' just goes away. I don't see anything different
> between the nav links in the 'FOP Trunk' and 'Version 0.94' tabs--if
> there is, that content should move to 'Development'. I'll run `diff`
> on the fop/0.94/ and fop/trunk/ directories to see what's different.
> If anyone has an specific ideas on what's different, that'd help
> greatly.
> We could retain the 'Home', 'Version xxx', 'FOP Trunk', 'Development'
> tab structure, but I think less tabs may be better now that we've
> retired 'Version 0.20.5', during which time, I believe the multiple
> tab structure was necessary.

Here's my first stab at a refactored FOP site:


Of course, I'm open to suggestions.

In a nutshell, here's what I did:
- rm -R 0.93/
- rm -R 0.94/
- mv trunk/* ../
- modify site.xml
- change links to /0.94/* & /trunk/* to /*
- check for broken links

I'll likely need to do the above again when we're ready to deploy.
Notice, I didn't do an `svn delete` on any of the above, since I'm
hoping for feedback first. I'll likely do the SVN equivalents to the
above when we're ready for primetime. If that time is now, I could do
it fairly quickly.

I'm also considering updating the Forrest build process to use Forrest
0.8 instead of Forrest 0.7.

If anyone's interested, here're zip'd versions of the site.xml & tabs.xml files:

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