Hi Clay,

Sorry I have to agree with Jeremias here, I think the 0.93, 0.94, Trunk 
tabs are ok. In fact the general structure of the website is more or 
less ok to me. But I think the following could be improved:
- the skin looks a bit old now. Maybe upgrading to Forrest 0.8 (+1, BTW) 
  will improve things but anyway some work is needed in this area 
  I think. (Actually the Batik website doesn’t look bad... ;-) )
  At some point I guess we will need our own branding, rather than 
  relying on a default stylesheet.
- the behaviour of the menu on the left is a bit annoying: having to 
  click on a sub-menu to unroll it is a pain. Every time you switch to 
  another tab then switch back to the previous one, you have to unroll 
  the menus again. That’s confusing I think.
  Example: on the Home tab, click on ‘Resources’, then click on the 
  ‘Version 0.94’ tab, then go back to the ‘Home’ tab: you have to 
  re-click on ‘Resources’ to unroll it again.
  I guess there is a parameter to disable that, and have flat menus by 
- there should be a short ‘news’ sections on the home page, to show that 
  the project is alive. Currently you have to click on ‘Project’ to 
  unroll the menu, then on ‘News’. That’s two superfluous clicks ;-) We 
  could leave older news in this section, and put the most recent ones 
  on the home page.
- many other pages could be reworked/updated/removed/merged, but the 
  previous points are the most important to me.

Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> Sorry to be a little late but I'm -1 on merging product documentation
> with project documentation again. I found that VERY nice to have because
> it gives us a cleaner structure. For me, the most important thing is to
> be able to simplify release management which is still somewhat too
> work-intensive. I really like how Forrest did it (although I still
> haven't checked how. I think they do something with views) and they do
> publish versioned docs. I like keeping the difference between Trunk and
> the latest stable release especially since we don't do releases every
> two or three months. It produces less confusion if we add new features
> in Trunk for those who use the latest release.
> +1 to switching to Forrest 0.8.



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