On Jan 31, 2008, at 22:20, Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Can you two please explain to me what you mean by that?

Heh, now that you ask that, it does not seem so intuitive as I thought... at least, what I had in mind last night, has changed somewhat.

I guess what I mean --also in relation to the thread about the XML JARs-- is that Commons would get to contain a utility class/ subpackage from which both FOP and Batik get their TransformerFactory and XML-related classes. This mechanism could be made as smart as to check whether the configured JAXP-implementation supports the necessary features for FOP and Batik to run without possible trouble. Maybe it could even be made smart enough to look up whether such an implementation exists in the user's classpath.

So, by itself, not even Commons would depend directly on Apache Xalan, but we could have the utility class suggest to install/ configure Xalan, if necessary.

That way, FOP does not necessarily need to distribute Xalan anymore to work properly.

A question concerning the dependency on DOM Level 3: does FOP *itself* ever use any of this functionality, or is it only Batik that *possibly* needs this (depending on whether SVG 1.2 is used somewhere)? Does Batik require Xalan to work, period? Or does it only require Xalan *if* the user wants access to the SVG 1.2 features?



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