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(Noticed this fragment in an earlier post, and just wanted to point out that...)

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Note that by removing the 4 aforementioned jars and using a 1.5 jdk
I have unresolved import errors in the
org.apache.fop.layoutengine.EvalCheck class. And an “Organize imports”
in Eclipse gives me com.sun classes. Is that to be expected? The missing classes are in the xalan jar. If I add this jar to the build path I then
have the following error in
“The type org.w3c.dom.xpath.XPathEvaluator cannot be resolved. It is
indirectly referenced from required .class files”
I have to add the xml-apis.jar to the build path to solve that error.
With a 1.6 jdk I don’t have this problem.

Note that it's not because the dependency is needed at build-time, that we also need to distribute those dependencies in the binaries.

If one writes an application that references JDBC, one does not need to distribute any particular JDBC implementation with it, unless in case of hard references, and even then, it could be so that the target environment already contains that implementation as a global extension (lib/ext).

We could add a 'lean' build target, that builds a distribution containing as few libraries as possible, or a user-configurable set of libraries. It could happen that some user/developer needs to have only the FOP-classes. Say he already uses commons-io, commons-logging etc. as centralized dependencies. He will not need those JARs, but right now he gets them anyway... Not really such a bad thing, but still, strictly speaking completely unnecessary for him.



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