Andreas Delmelle:
> A question concerning the dependency on DOM Level 3: does FOP  
> *itself* ever use any of this functionality, or is it only Batik that  
> *possibly* needs this (depending on whether SVG 1.2 is used  
> somewhere)? Does Batik require Xalan to work, period? Or does it only  
> require Xalan *if* the user wants access to the SVG 1.2 features?

Yeah, so Batik uses it for only two things: DOM Level 3 XPath
functionality, as Jeremias mentioned (for 1.1 or 1.2 documents) and sXBL
XPath selector syntax, which is only in 1.2 documents.  The former is
only needed if those DOM Level 3 XPath functions are called from script.
The latter is hardly used at all, and will have to be reworked to be XBL
2.0 in the future anyway, which doesn’t use XPath for bindings.

Does FOP allow documents to run script before being included in the
resulting PDF (like with the -onload switch to the Batik rasteriser)?
If not, then it’ll be completely safe to omit xalan.  Leaving it out
should only cause linker problems when such scripts are run, anyway, not
for arbitrary documents.

We could rework Batik to use recent JAXP XPath functionality if that is
present, or Xalan if that is present, or fail gracefully otherwise.

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